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ONE song. ONE clear message.

Cool the World is a brand created to unify the science and the people behind the conversations about climate change.

Cool has 3 implications:

Cool: literally cool the planet down
Cool: make this issue more hip and relevant
Cool: calm people down

We’re led by the voices of those who stand to gain the most if we cool this planet – the voices of children.

We’re going to leverage people and brand power to raise awareness and raise money. Song contests / campaigns will mobilize and educate people. Cool products will generate funds to fortify science classrooms. The smarter we all are about this issue – the more we are empowered to do something about it.

A  Thousand Voices to Cool The World

Our plan?

  • We’ll collect and create compelling content: audio and videos of kids singing Cool the World in the US and abroad – in their native languages. We’ll create mash-ups of all the versions and share them through a Cool the World mobile phone app, online, via radio, tv, and atop mountains in Nepal.
  • We will work with NGO’s, educators, and businesses to leverage this content both in the local markets and on the world stage to stir emotions, engage people, raise awareness, and effect change.
  • We’ll raise money by merchandising Cool the World with brand partners. We give the money to science classrooms to fortify programs that will develop new, young scientific minds who are hungry to understand the science behind climate change, and grow to become leaders in the field to effect positive change.

Using the simple power of music and art, we’ll transcend the boundaries of culture, geography, language and socio-economic differences to  raise consciousness, cultivate change and inspire action. More info…