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Production Credits

The first Cool the World Choir you see singing here is made up of 20 kids who live in Los Angeles. They and their families recently volunteered their time to learn and record this song. Serena Creative, Inc. donated the production of the video. Emoto Music, Inc. donated their recording facility, their musicians, and their production skills. Deborah Pardes composed the song and directed the choir.

The Cool the World Los Angeles Band:

Paul Bessenbacher – guitar
James Neil – drums
Jon Steinmeier  – piano
Carlen Walth – bass
Will Hampton – engineer


The Cool the World Los Angeles Singers:

Adam Goodwin
Lucie O’Brien
Sabine Paris
Georges Paris
India Jade Dyer
Eloise Jacott
Emmaline Jacott
Dominic Bagnato Barker
Yasmine Gruber-Mendoza
Gabriella Delacasas
Lola Ellenberg
Eden Ellenberg
Melusine Maury
Gianna Skye
Olivia Louis-Marie
Tess Goddard
Lily Goddard
Noa Goldsmith
Isola Serena
Hanna Harrell